06 March, 2021

Show 2 - Shrimathi Devi - Vocal

  • schedule 09:00 PM (Eastern Time)
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Shrimati Devi - Vocal - Obeisance to Lord Shiva

* Brilliant Gwalior Gharana Vocalist from Mysore
* Trained under maestroes - Lt.Pt.Chandrashekhar Puranikmath, Lt.Pt.Narayan Panditji, Vid.Padma Talwalkar, Pt.Vyasmurthy Katti, Pt.Ravikiran Manipal and Vid.Apoorva Gokhale
Recepient of HRD Scholarship from Ministry of culture
* Performed at Saptak, Bangalore, Swarasankula, Mysore,  ICC, Utah, USA
* Lets pay obeisance to Lord Shiva for the upcoming Mahashivratri festival
In Hindustani tradition, there are not many bandishes written with a devotional theme. Among the ones that exist, most are on Sri Krishna and his leelas. This concert will feature rare bandishes on Shiv.
Apart from the traditional bandishes, the concert will feature bandishes composed by different composers like my guru Lt.Pt.Narayan Panditji and Pt.Arun Kashalkar. Narayan Panditji was a brilliant composer and had close association with Pt.Kumar Gandharvaji and has composed close to 200 bandishes in the pen name 'Nadapiya'
Considering the global audience, concert will feature both morning and night raagas 
*Shrimati Devi was fortunate for having her music training from very learned and passionate Gurus which is influencing her to bring my own imagination and thinking in music. Being a daughter of Keertanakar and also being a student of literature, she gives importance to the poetry in bandish and hence the Bhava of the bandish. 
*Finally the concert will be feature some lilting light compositions of Bhajans in Hindi and Kannada

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