20 March, 2021

Mano RaGaRanjani: an Exquisite Online Vocal duet by Vidushis Smt. Ranjani & Smt. Gayathri

  • schedule 07:00 PM (Eastern Time)
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South India Fine Arts (SIFA)   is excited to present “Mano RaGaRanjani” an exquisite online vocal duet by 


Vidushis Smt. Ranjani & Smt. Gayathri

Vidwan Rajeev Mukundan - Violin

Vidwan Sri. K. Sai Giridhar - Mridangam

Vidwan S. Krishna - Ghatam


Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 4:00 p.m. (PST)  

In this concert “Mano RaGaRanjani”,  Vidhushis Ranjani & Gayathri will be enthralling the audience by stringing and presenting various ragas together that are soothing and pleasing to the heart. 

Rasikas will have the lovely  experience of  seeing a magical flow, spontaneity and chemistry between the musicians on stage.  

“Mano RaGaRanjani” the special Premiere concert for SIFA will be 2 hrs and 45 mins long.

Purchase your tickets at the earliest to enjoy this aural treat. 


Price Points:

 14$ for Premiere + 1 day Video-on-Demand 

 19$ for Premiere + 7 days Video-on-Demand 

 24$ for Premiere + 30 days Video-on-Demand 

30$ for Premiere + 30 Days Video-on-Demand (VOD) + Live interactive session with RaGa Sisters

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